Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello blog world.

I have returned.

 As last year neared its end, I began a new resolution. I know January is usually the time for resolutions but I did not want to wait. I was inspired by a walk through my classroom by Michele Helmer. As she and my principal visited my classroom they tweeted. At the end of the day they shared what they learned and how it had changed their thinking. You can read more about their journey here.

 I have been tweeting for a while, but loved what I saw. The idea of sending out short positive posts about what we are doing with the Common Core Standards excited me. So my resolution was born. I will tweet at least on positive thing each day, preferably with a picture.

Once you start with one resolution, your mind starts to go WILD. By the end of our January break, I had a new plan. I will devote a set time in each of my days to write. If I can create a witty tweet, I should be able to pound out insightful essays, right?? I have a few okay pieces written, so I am going to start posting them here.

 NEW RESOLUTION ALERT: I am going to post 1 a week, and at least 3 short book reviews from Good Reads.

 Here goes....
Thinking & Writing

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