Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My favorite time of the year!

If you live in the Northeast, you know how beautiful this world can be.  The golds, red, and oranges of our trees. The cool air, heavy with the bountiful fall scents...grapes, apples, pumpkins. Weekends full of festivals and fun family activities.  This is my favorite time of the year.

This happiness often follows me into my classroom.  As October  arrives, I have started to get to know my students, their strengths, their weaknesses.  We have all become used to the our schedules, and the routines (because every year I change something, so I even have to get used to it). We start working as a unit.

Fall to me is a time of "new beginnings".  Many may think Spring is the season of new growth, but to me that is a mucky, muddy, boot sticking season.  Rain, melting snow, state tests.... kind of a brown sludge dragging me down.   Give me fall all year... New units, New ideas, New curriculum, New teachers, New students, New opportunities.

I know I am becoming redundant, but I LOVE FALL!  
And what a great photo opp it is!