Saturday, February 26, 2011

Technology in my Classroom

I am part of an iPod pilot project in my 6th grade ELA class.  This coincides with our yearly Medieval Feast.  I usually have the students create a recipe book.  I do this for two reasons, they can have extra credit if they make a recipe, and to give them a chance to work with technology.  the assignment in years past focused on fonts, centering, using headers and footers, and reading over the recipe in case they needed to summarize (conserve space). This year we used Comic Touch Lite on the iPods.  They were asked to find authentic pictures, fill the background, have a title & first name, and defiantly had to adjust text and summarize.  Here is an animoto video of the finished recipe projects.  I included all, even the students who did not adhere completely to our rubric.